16 Feb 2021
Azerbaijani Chairmanship organizes first-ever Online International Model NAM Simulation Exercise

  The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is a forum of 120 developing world states that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. Currently there are also 17 states and 10 international organizations holding an observer status. Given the current circumstances concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, the Azerbaijani Chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement will organize the first-ever Online International Model NAM Simulation Exercise from 1 to 5 March 2021. The simulation exercise is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Movement. The event will bring together more than 40 young participants performing the roles of high-level dignitaries from the Member States of the Non-Aligned Movement. More detailed information on the Simulation Exercise can be found in the “Events” section of the webpage of the NAM Chairmanship. Note: The deadline for applications has been extended until February 21. ©namazerbaijan.org/

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13 Feb 2021
UNEC is a leader in the international rankings

  366th place in the world The Australian-based UniRank rating agency has announced the ranking of the world’s universities for 2021. According to the UniRank ranking of more than 13,800 officially registered universities in more than 200 countries, UNEC ranks 366th in the world. 36th best university of Asia UNEC, the only university in Azerbaijan, was named the 36th best university in the region in the ranking of “200 best universities in Asia”, the regional ranking of the rating agency UniRank. ©UNEC    

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29 Jan 2021
The new dormitory of Baku State University was opened

  The opening ceremony of the overhauled student dormitory of Baku State University took place on January 29.  Emin Amrullayev Minister of Education attended the opening ceremony.  The five-storey dormitory with a total area of 5,100 m2 is designed for 220 students.  In addition to 104 bedrooms, the dormitory, which meets modern standards, has two living rooms, reading hall, dining room, laundry, relaxation area, medical room and an area installed with sports equipment. ©edu.gov.az

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27 Jan 2021
Intergovernmental Scholarship Programmes (“ISPs”) between the Republic of Azerbaijan and foreign countries

-    Within the Intergovernmental Scholarship Programmes (“ISPs”), the education of foreign citizens and stateless persons (henceforth foreigners) is determined in accordance with the terms of the relevant treaties. Foreigners can study in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. -    Within the ISPs, the education of foreigners is determined on a budgetary basis in accordance with the requirements of the relevant contract. In accordance with the contracts students are exempt from payment for tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance, as well as within the framework of the legislation of the host country, the student is provided with a monthly scholarship.  -    The international travel expenses will be provided by the scholarship holders themselves.     Within the ISP`s there are educational opportunities with the following countries: •    Hungary; •    Kazakhstan; •    People`s Republic of China; •    Romania; •    Tajikistan. In order to obtain an education within the ISPs, the candidatures of foreigners are provided to the Republic of Azerbaijan by means of diplomatic channels of the corresponding state bodies of the country which they are citizens of (relevant ministry).

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