30 Jul 2020
How international students in Azerbaijan spend their time during quarantine days ?

Muhammed Yamah, an international student from Nigeria who studies at Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts with the major of Design shares his main challenges about the coronavirus and a student life in quarantine days.

1.  When and how did you receive the news about coronavirus? What was your first reaction?
I first heard about it from CNN on January 20th and then saw it again on Instagram after then read about it on Google for more awareness. And I felt nervous about it.


2. Was it your decision to stay in Azerbaijan during the pandemic time or it was too late you leave the country? (if yes, why?)
It was and still, my decision to stay in Baku because travelling at this time could be more dangerous and being exposed to the effect of the pandemic.  Because social distancing and social cautiousness it said to be the best remedy prevention for the Pandemic.


3. Your life in Azerbaijan during the pandemic.
Life in Azerbaijan during the Pandemic has been okay, stress-free, I feel very secure because I am keeping to the self-isolating rules and social distancing rules as advised by the WHO.


4. Does your university supply you with online classes?
There are online classes, and they are still ongoing. The teachers are doing their best as teachers to carry out their duties, and I do appreciate the effort to which they are putting into work. I think more online classes should be introduced.


5. Coronavirus: the pros and cons of keeping universities closed. The pros of keeping universities closed.
I think it will be more reasonable and healthy to keep the school closed until there is a confirmed cure or remedy for the Covid-19. It will be more dangerous and disastrous having schools opened when there will be more physical contacts by individuals, or the social distancing rule will be disregarded by having schools re-opened for now. As the social distancing idea has been more helpful in preventing or reducing the spread of the Covid-19.


6. How do you spend your time now? Has anything changed in your daily routine?
All I do these days is wake up in the morning, do my morning routines, on class days, I attend, and after I just either read novels or other books, I like to listen to the news or research things I am curious about. Lots of things have changed about my daily routine. I no longer go out, to have fun, or visit the parks, I no longer allow visitors in my home. I rather stay bored, than putting my life at risk.


7. Did you try to learn something new or discover your new skills during a lockdown? (yoga, studying new languages...)
I learnt a lot during this lockdown, and I tried to improve my music skills and production, too. As I am also a business-minded person, I learn so much about the Crypto market and trades, too.


8. What lesson have you learned from this pandemic? Please express the advantages and disadvantages of this situation
I have learnt so many lessons from the Pandemic as it has come with a lot of messages and reminder of the Prophecies as revealed in the holy books of God about the end time. I have learnt to be good to people and being self-conscious, washing arms regularly, just keeping very good hygiene, and always being neat which as always been my hobby. 
The advantages of this Pandemic is the reminder to those who don't believe that God still exists, it teaches and reminds us how important it is to keep good hygiene, it indeed made the world people realized how important it is to be United.
The disadvantages are the death toll around the world (May God have mercy on the dead and keep the living safe and the affected heal), the economic break down of nations, the hunger, being faced by those who couldn't go out to work to earn enough to feed their families, and finally the fact that Spiritual activities are no longer being encouraged at this time of the Pandemic (Mosques, Churches etc.).


9. Comparison of the lockdown in home and host countries.
Well, home country is also doing her best keep her citizens safe and managing it the best way they could, and the host country is also doing her best to keep citizens and hosts safe and protected.


10. Your communication circle during the quarantine.
The best means of communicating now is either a phone call or distance communication.