26 Nov 2019
The rector of the Azerbaijan State Agriculture University met with the international students

           The rector of the Azerbaijan State Agriculture University (ASGU) Prof. Ibrahim Jafarov met with the international students. He mentioned that the international relations of the university became more extensive than previous years. He also noted that there is a significant interest in Azerbaijani language among international students.
           Afterward, students from the Democratic Republic of Kongo Zeqbali Azeabli Novis, Mopeseka Elizabet Motali, from Malaysia Malaziyadan Muhammed Hazik Reyhan, from Somalia Abdulaziz İbrahim Aden gave speeches in Azerbaijani and demonstrated their Azerbaijani language skills.
           Then the student from the Republic of Turkey Abdurrahman Karakaş thanked and expressed his gratitude for creating an excellent study environment for the international students.
           It should be noted that about 100 students are studying in ASGU from countries such as Turkey, Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Congo, Georgia, Somali, Lesotho nowadays.