29 Dec 2022
Shusha Forum was held with the participation of the international students

A forum was organized with the participation of international students studying in Azerbaijan within the framework of "Shusha Year". The purpose of the forum was to discuss the damages of war to cultural monuments and the environment in the territories liberated from occupation as a result of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, to hold discussions on diplomacy, and to convey the truths of Karabakh to foreign students.

During the event, panel discussions were held by local and foreign experts on the topics of culture, environment, and diplomacy with the participation of foreign students and professors.

Employees of the Administration of the State Reserve of Shusha City, the Reserve Management Center under the State Tourism Agency, and the Permanent Delegation of Azerbaijan to UNESCO participated in the culture panel as speakers. In the environmental panel, the representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture, Khazar University, and the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, as well as independent experts delivered their speeches. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Relations Analysis Center, Non-Aligned Movement Youth Organization, and Topchubashov Center spoke at the diplomatic panel. The speech of Michael Doran, director of the Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East of the Hudson Institute of the USA, who participated in the mentioned panel, was welcomed with interest.

About 70 foreign students studying in our country at the expense of educational grant programs established by the decrees of the President of the country, intergovernmental agreements supported by the Republic of Azerbaijan, and their own funds participated in the forum.