27 Sep 2023
Mexican students were introduced presentations about Azerbaijan

Mammad Talibov, the ambassador of our country to Mexico, met with the students of Matamoros Institute of Technology, which is the most advanced and prestigious engineering training institution located in the city of Matamoros, as part of his visit to the state of Tamaulipas of Mexico.

A broad presentation about Azerbaijan was held during the meeting with the participation of Elva Vigil Hernandez, a member of the Mexican-Azerbaijani Friendship Group operating in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, and Mrs. Mara Grassiel Acosta Gonzalez, the rector of the Matamiris Institute of Technology.

In the presentation, Ambassador M. Talibov informed the event participants about Study in Azerbaijan opportunities, experiences and scholarship programs available in our country for foreign students. We look forward to embracing Mexican students here in our country and introduce them to our multicultural education system.


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