19 Jun 2020
90th anniversary of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC)

June 19, 2020, marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). UNEC has exceptional services in training highly qualified economists. UNEC has turned into the centre of staff–training on industry, trade, finance, statistics, tax policy, marketing, management and research center. Speaking at the University’s 70th anniversary, National Leader Heydar Aliyev set promotion of the country’s economy, need for modern young people who had gained world experience, knowing foreign languages in order to join the economic system as the main task before a staff. These tasks form the basis of the UNEC’s development strategy and are currently being successfully implemented.  We are confident that UNEC will continue to play a significant role in education not only for local students but also for the foreigners. 

We take great pleasure in congratulating staff, students and alumni of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on this auspicious 90th-anniversary celebration.